Policy Development Directorate

Policy Development Directorate

Mission Statement:

To promote the development of policies that are consistent with Government’s Vision to foster a dynamic, high value-added and innovative economy founded on competence, skills and excellence and capable of sustaining a high standard of living and better employment opportunities for all.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

  • The Directorate provides timely support and advice to the Permanent Secretary on any issue which is referred to it. This role generally entails background research, synthesis of information and consultation with stakeholders to produce policy options.
  • To manage the implementation and governance of the National Reform Programme, which is Malta’s plan to meet the objectives set in the EU’s Lisbon Agenda for Growth and Jobs. In this connection, the Directorate also compiles an annual progress report which is discussed with stakeholders and subsequently presented to the European Commission.
  • To lead and coordinate the Single Market review which is currently in progress and provide feedback on single market issues which arise regularly through the Commission and/or Council committees as well as working parties. The Directorate also represents the Ministry on EU Council and Commission Working Parties and High Level Groups related to the Single Market.
  • The Directorate coordinates the Ministry’s Better Regulation Action Plan and related Administrative Burden Reduction Programme.
  • To participate in conferences and seminars of interest both at local and international level.

Core Functions

  • The Directorate’s core work revolves around the monitoring and co-ordination of the National Reform Programme. This work includes the delivering of presentations and the holding of regular meetings with the Commission and stakeholders.
  • The Directorate also prepares and formulates Malta’s positions on issues pertaining to the Single Market Review and the Lisbon Agenda.
  • To represent the Ministry in a variety of meetings, committees and fora, both at national and international levels, including EU Commission Working Parties and High Level Groups.

Contact Info:

Level 5,
Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment,
Maison Demandols, South Street

Tel: 25998456
E-mail: pdd.mfei@gov.mt

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Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment
Maison Demandols,
South Street,
2599 8259
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