Schedule of Public Hearings

Schedule of Public Hearings

Kindly note that before the commencement of the hereunder Public Hearings, the Board may deliver its decisions on Objections that had been previously heard and concluded.

                                                                        PUBLIC HEARINGS 

Tuesday 9 August 2022

​SPD8/2022/065 - Call of Within Mini Competition Number 5 Supply and Delivery of Diesel (EN590) to all wasteserv Plants in Malta at 9.00am

SPD7/2021/076 - Tender for the Provision of Services for an Evaluation for Funding Support made Available for Education and Employment through ESF in Malta during the 2014-2021 Programming Period Lot 1 and Lot 2 at 10.00am

Thursday 11 August 2022

​SPD3/2022/012 - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Refrigerated Transport and High-Up Services used for the Emergency on Farm Slaughtering Services for the Strategy and Support Division withing MGOZ at 9.00am 

SPD5/2022/017 - Services Framework Agreement for the Provision of Preventive Maintenance and Support for the Air Conditioning Systems for the Court Services Agency at 10.00am

IND/TBG/T083/21 - Tender for Upgrading and Embellishing in an Environmentally Friendly Manner the Existing Boundary Wall Area at ta Dbiegi Crafts Village, Gozo at 11.00am