Mission Statement

Mission Statement

​To promote the introduction of policies and programmes that support Malta's financial and fiscal well being and to contribute to the sustainability of such initiatives.

Main Areas of Responsibility
  • Formulating advice on revenue and expenditure policy.
  • Evaluating individual spending programmes.
  • Carrying out research and compiling policy submissions for consideration.
  • Contributing to better financial management in the public service by carrying out an ongoing review of relevant policies and procedures.

Core Functions
  • Providing ad hoc reports on financial policy issues in response to specific requests at Ministry level.
  • Identifying focus areas for evaluation with a view to appraising consistency with overall Government policy.
  • Facilitating better financial management via continuous updating of policies and procedures and contributing to their sustainability through a service-wide outreach programme.
  • Evaluating the financial implications of new conditions of employment in the Public Service and ensuring that existing conditions of service are being implemented in accordance with approved parameters.
  • Reviewing developments relating to the Public Private Partnership Programme with a view to contributing to the success of this initiative and its extension to other areas of activity.
  • Monitoring the progress of efficiency review programmes in selected areas of activity across the Public Service.

The Ministry for Finance is committed to continually improve on the services it offers. The Ministry works closely with the Better Regulation Unit and the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy, to ensure that Better Regulation principles and procedures are applied consistently throughout the Ministry.


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