Ministry for Finance AND EMPLOYMENT
Minister: Hon. Clyde Caruana
Permanent Secretary
Mr Alfred Camilleri (Finance)
        Gives the necessary and effective financial support to all the other Departments and to management in  
        t​he exercise of their responsibilities.
   Budget Office
        Budget Ensuring that the budgetary process incorporating Ministries, Departments and Public Entities,  
        is managed in a timely manner, within set financial parameters.
   The Treasury
        Maintains an effective accounting methodology and relevant accounting systems across Government;
        monitors Government's cash flow position; determines the size and composition of the Government's 
        capital structure and issue compensatory payments to Government employees and Treasury Pensioners.
    Inland Revenue
        Provides taxpayers with quality and timely service, encourages compliance and simplify procedures.   
        Ensures that taxpayers pay their fair share of tax and that taxes are collected promptly, whilst the cost of   
        collection is kept low.
    Indirect Taxation
        Administers the Value Added Tax efficiently, effectively and fairly and thus securing the revenue yield   
        according to government's targets while minimising the compliance costs to businesses, in line with        
        Government's policy of ensuring sound public finance.
   Customs and Excise
        Manages, controls and directs Customs to ensure that functions are properly discharged, with efficiency  
        and economy.
        Ensures fairness, transparency and equitability in the award of public contracts by Government   
        Departments and Public Corporations.
   Economic Policy
        Responsible for strategic planning and policy co-ordination across the Ministry. It is also responsible for  
        the national economic strategy and matters related to international economic relations.
   Malta Statistics Authority
        Responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of a wide range of statistical  
        information and related matters.
   Relations with Central Bank
        The Central Bank maintains price stability and ensures a sound financial system, thereby contributing to 
        sustainable economic development.
  Contact Name
Ministry for Finance and
30, Maison Demandols,
South Street,
Valletta VLT 1102
2599 8259