Budget Affairs Division

​The Budget Affairs Division incorporates three Directorates.  Its main areas of responsibility include the compilation of the Financial Estimates presented to Parliament together with the annual budget, ensuring that public funds are utilised to achieve the desired outcomes and advising on Malta’s positions with respect to the EU budget.

Contact Details:
  Contact Name.png Contact Name
   Ministry for Finance
   30, Maison Demandols,
   South Street,
   Valletta  VLT 2000
  Telephone.png Telephone  25998259
Fax.bmp  Fax  25998429
  email.png Email  info.mfin@gov.mt
   website.png  Website  http://mfin.gov.mt



Organisational Structure







  Contact Name
Ministry for Finance
30, Maison Demandols,
South Street,
Valletta VLT 2000
2599 8259