EU Budget Directorate

EU Budget Directorate

​Mission Statement

To ensure that EU budget related matters are monitored and dealt with so that Malta’s interests are fully safeguarded.

Main Areas of Responsibility
To assist in the preparation of the national position and support negotiations on the finalization, adoption, mid-term revision and ongoing reviews of the EU seven-year multi-annual financial framework (which sets annual ceilings for EU expenditure), so that Malta obtains the maximum possible allocation from the EU budget and has the most possible favourable budgetary balance.
Core functions
  • To provide Malta’s position on regular new proposals on EU expenditure as well as on its financing;
  • To calculate Malta’s and other Member States’ shares from various EU funds and programmes on the basis of different allocation criteria and monitor payments received from the EU;
  •  To assess all Malta’s contributions to the EU own resources and compile and submit to the Commission related annual statements;
  •  To provide Malta’s position during the successive stages of the procedures leading to the adoption of the EU annual budget, regular amending budgets and regular transfers by the Commission and other EU Institutions;
  • To determine the financial and budgetary repercussions of EU communications and proposals for legislation;
  • To represent Malta in committee and bilateral meetings dealing with EU budget related matters.

  Organisational Structure

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 Contact Name 
Ministry for Finance
30, Maison Demandols,
South Street,
Valletta VLT 2000
2599 8259
2599 8429