Performance and Evaluation Directorate

Performance and Evaluation Directorate


​​Mission Statement

The Performance and Evaluation (PE) Directorate forms part of the Budget Affairs Division. The Directorate supports the Ministry for Finance in enhancing accountability for public expenditure whilst ensuring that public funds are spent effectively and efficiently to achieve the government’s desired outcomes. The directorate oversees initiatives aimed to strengthen the value-for-money culture within government and enhance programme evaluation capabilities.

Main Areas of Responsibility

The Directorate is headed by a Director and is composed of six units which are:

              Government Departments Comprehensive Expenditure and Performance Review Unit
              Public Entities Comprehensive Expenditure and Performance Review Unit
              Government Corporate Expenditure Unit
              Pay and Conditions of Service Unit
              Tax and Grants Unit
              Schemes Unit


Core functions
  • Carry out, on an ongoing basis, a review of existing financial management policies and procedures and to make recommendations for updating where necessary;
  • Contribute to the implementation of reporting frameworks that build on best practice and ensure effective and efficient reporting standards for government financial data;
  • Carry out comprehensive spending reviews, value for money assessments and cost-benefits analysis;
  • Further develop the introduction of key performance indicators, budget measures and simplification measures that each Ministry is committed to, through the implementation of the Government’s programme and budget;
  • Monitor developments of public sector innovation and transformation, assessing the likely impact of the identified trends and proposing new policies where applicable;
  • Collect regular economic and financial intelligence and to carry out or coordinate ongoing economic and financial analysis and to report and advise on proposed/effective changes in government-induced/market costs impacting on the economy generally and the public budget more specifically, with special focus on specific sectoral areas such as the environment, energy, telecommunications, etc;
  • Provide financial advice and direction to Ministries and entities on matters related to Pay and Conditions of Service;
  • Setting policy and providing lead in matters of government corporate expenditure, including government transport and government travel;
  • To advise on policies related to the maintenance of an asset register by Government that comprises all state property and other assets, defining its physical and legal characteristics and its potential for wealth generation;
  • Act as lead on funds and schemes issued and/or managed by the Ministry for Finance and liaise on such matters with Ministries on their respective schemes and grants;
  • Draft and publish Government Notices for schemes which fall within the remit of the Ministry for Finance;
  • Carry out the assessment of business plans as submitted by the Department for Local Government and Local Councils;
  • Lead and assess budget measures in conjunction with Transport Malta and the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue;
  • Assess and advise upon the business plans submitted by public entities and carry out value-for-money reviews for line Ministries and entities within the public sector;
  • Follow-up on National Audit Office and Internal Audit and Investigations Department reports and propose actions as necessary;
  • Carry out the necessary analysis and attend Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of companies in which government has a holding stake.


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  Organisational Structure

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