eInvoicing and The Government of Malta

The Government of Malta supports the widespread adoption of eInvoicing as part of its Digital Malta national strategy and as a result of its participation in the EU Funded “eInvoicing4Islands” project (implemented between June 2019 and Q3 2021),  has committed to deploying a new eInvoicing service for all Central Government Departments and its sub-central authorities.

This initiative is in response to
the European Directive on eInvoicing in Public Procurement (2014/55/EU) which requires all public sector organisations to be able to receive electronic invoices that comply with the European eInvoice Standard EN 16931.

To enable it to meet its obligations under the Directive, the Government has chosen the
Peppol network and infrastructure to provide consistent and standardised channels for the Maltese public administration to be able to receive eInvoices from its suppliers.

What is an eInvoice?

For  the  purpose  of  the  European  Directive  2014/55/EU  on  electronic  invoicing  in  public  procurement, ‘electronic invoice’ means an invoice that has been  issued,  transmitted  and  received  in  a  structured electronic format which allows for its automatic and electronic processing and establishes the European  eInvoice Standard (EN 16931) as  the  structured  electronic  format  that  public  bodies are obliged  to  receive  and  process. A pdf sent via email does not meet the requirements of the Directive.

What is Peppol?

eppol is a common framework for the secure cross-border exchange of electronic business documents. Established in 2008 by the EU Commission, the framework’s original was to make trade easier between European governments.

Today, Peppol goes beyond the European continent. The common Peppol framework aims to enable both private and public entities to exchange electronic orders and eInvoices in a controlled, simple and secure manner no matter where they operate from.


Following a public tender process, the Ministry of Finance and Employment signed a contract with Pagero, an internationally recognised Certified Peppol Service Provider for the provision of Peppol Networking and eInvoicing services for all its departments, entities, regional authorities, and local councils. For more information about Pagero and the services they are providing to the Government of Malta and their suppliers, please click here​.

For more information on eInvoicing, Peppol and how it all works please go to our Resources page by clicking here.

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