Excise Registered Consignee Application

Excise Registered Consignee Application


In terms of The Excise Duty Act - Chapter 382
Article 10A (2)

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Owner of Excise Goods received

N.B. After approval a fiscal guarantee has to be raised in favour of Customs Department

The following documents should be provided to Customs Department within 20 days after submitting this Online Application:
  • The original VAT Certificate
  • Original List of Directors from the MFSA, Registrar of Companies if applicant is a limited liability company
  • Copies of any permits, licenses and certificates relative to the legal operation of the trade
  • Original Police Conduct of Sole Trader/Partner(s)/Director(s)/Company Secretary
  • Original ID Cards of Sole Trader/Partner(s)/Director(s)/Company Secretary

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    ​Please print and sign this declaration form and upload in the 'Excise Registered Consignee' online application form.