International Economic Policy Directorate

The objective of this Directorate is to ensure that the development of the Common Commercial Policy of the European Union (EU) reflects Malta’s economic and social interests. It analysis the developments and proposals presented within the Trade Policy Committee and other trade related committees in order to ensure that the interests and views of Malta are taken into account in the formulation of the EU’s common commercial policy. In particular, it advises, consults and coordinates Malta’s position on matters concerning the EU’s Common Commercial Policy, including all the negotiations of the EU international trade and investment agreements, including the multilateral trade relations under the aegis of the World Trade Organization, plurilateral agreements and bilateral/regional Free Trade Agreements/other trade-related agreements that are negotiated with third countries. Furthermore, it also coordinates the Maltese position in other economic/trade and investment issues pertaining to other international institutions (such as UNCTAD and UNCITRAL).

The Directorate provides Malta’s position on international trade and investment policy within the various configurations of the Trade Policy Committee (Full Members, Deputies, Services and Investment and Steel Textiles and Other Industrial Sectors), the Working Party for Trade Questions, the Trade Defence Committee, the Market Access Advisory Committee and the Generalised System of Preference Committee outlining Malta’s interests, objectives and priorities in the context of the formulation and implementation of the Common Commercial Policy. The Directorate has the responsibility for the analysis and coordination of the Maltese position on legislative dossiers that have a direct impact on international trade proposed by the Commission. Furthermore, the directorate is also responsible for analysing the proposals by the Commission to implement trade defence measures against dumping and subsidies by third countries together with safeguards against other unfair trading practices by third countries. Moreover, the Directorate provides input to other Ministries and Departments on issues that are related to international trade and investment policy.