Tag: Transfer of Residence (TORE) Scheme – 2021

Transfer of Residence (TORE) Scheme – 2021

Transfers of Residence Exemption Decisions taken in 2021


28th December 202123rd December 202117th December 2021
3rd December 202125th November 202119th November 2021
11th November 202129th October 202115th October 2021
7th October 20215th October 202123rd September 2021
16th September 20217th September 202124th August 2021
20th August 20219th August 202127th July 2021
22nd July 202113th July 20216th July 2021
24th June 202117th June 20213rd June 2021
27th May 202111th May 20215th May 2021
20th April 20218th April 202126th March 2021
18th March 202111th March 202126th February 2021
12th February 20215th February 202129th January 2021
22nd January 202115th January 20215th January 2021