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Mission Statement

The Ministry for Finance aims to promote the implementation of policies and programs that bolster Malta’s economic and fiscal well-being and contribute to the sustainability of such initiatives. The Ministry is responsible for drafting and submitting the annual Budget for Malta and Gozo. The main areas of responsibility include formulating advice on revenue and expenditure policy, evaluating individual spending programs, conducting research, and compiling policy submissions for consideration. In addition, the Ministry contributes to improved financial management in the public service by continuously reviewing relevant policies and procedures. The core functions of the Ministry involve the drafting and submission of programmes and reports to Parliament and the EU including the National Reform Programme, the Update of the Stability Programme, the Annual Report, the Half-Yearly Report, the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy, the Pre-Budget Document, the Draft Budgetary Plan, the Economic Survey, the Budget Speech, and the Financial Estimates.

The Ministry is also responsible for ad hoc reports on financial policy issues upon specific requests at the ministry level. It identifies focus areas for evaluation to assess consistency with overall government policy. Furthermore, the Ministry facilitates better financial management through continuous policy and procedure updates and outreach programs for sustainability. The Ministry evaluates the financial implications of new conditions of employment in the Public Service and ensures the implementation of existing conditions of service adheres to approved parameters. It reviews developments related to the Public-Private Partnership Programme, aiming to contribute to its success and extension to other areas of activity. Additionally, the Ministry monitors the progress of efficiency review programs in selected areas across the Public Service.

The Ministry for Finance is dedicated to enhancing its services continually. To achieve this, it collaborates closely with the Better Regulation Unit and the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy, ensuring consistent application of Better Regulation principles and procedures throughout the Ministry.