Mission Statement

The strategic alignment and application of Information, Communications and Innovative Technologies to support the core functions of the Ministry and its Departments and assist them in achieving their objectives.


  • Invest and upgrade the technology infrastructure to ensure reliability, availability and scalability;
  • Harness technology to drive business transformation and delivery of services;
  • Cultivate a data driven culture to ensure that data is translated into information as a strategic resource and ensure its availability to interested parties;
  • Protect and safeguard data and information assets;
  • Ensure accessibility of services for all;
  • Identifying ICT training needs and carrying such training as may be required to cultivate a highly-effective IT workforce;
  • Research and encourage the use of emerging technologies to maximize achievements and reduce costs

Core Competencies

  • Providing support and advice to the Permanent Secretary on Ministry ICT matters;
  • Preparation of strategic and operational ICT plans for the Ministry in line with the national ICT strategy;
  • Authorization and provision of information services and equipment;
  • Managing information systems while ensuring data integrity, availability, and security;
  • Co-ordinate the upgrading, development and implementation of new Information Systems and Solutions which are innovative, cost-effective and secure
  • Preparation of the ICT budget, its management and ensure optimisation of resources;
  • ICT Contracts Management and Procurement
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Application of Government wide policies, standards and protocols which are aimed at ensuring that IT systems are mutually compatible, secure and respect the privacy of both the public and employees

The Information Management Unit​ is managed by the Chief Information Officer, Mr Albert Vella.