​One of the operational tasks performed by the Ministry for Finance involves the regular collection of financial and budgetary data from all the Government entities. This information is crucial for performance management monitoring and budgeting purposes. 

Timely collection of data is a key process for the success of the system. Entities will be asked to complete and submit monthly and quarterly forms in line with MF Circular 2/2010 – Financial Data Reporting System​ and subsequent direction in Section 5.2 of MFIN Circular 3/2018 – Budgetary Monitoring issued by the Office of the Permanent Secretary. Forms can be accessed and submitted through https://fdrsweb.gov.mt​. An enrolment process is required for first time users which can be done through this same link. Mandatory forms as per Circular MFIN 3/2018 are to be submitted by the 22nd day of the following month.

A webinar was held on 21st October 2020 to demonstrate FDRS and explain how to navigate through its interface. The link to this webinar may be found below.

Please send any queries by email to fdrs.mfe@gov.mt.

Webinar link and Useful Information

PDF Copy of FDRS Forms to be submitted​