Transfer of Residence Exemption Board Decisions

Applications are submitted for an exemption from the motor vehicle registration tax under Article 19 of the Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Cap. 368) and Regulation 4 of the Exemption from Motor Vehicles Registration Tax Rules (SL 368.01). Decisions are published in accordance with SL 368.01.

Date Reference No No Plate Vehicle Type

Transfer of Residence Exemption

Board Decisions

10/06/2015 MF42/09/1528 TS354403 Volkswagen Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1539 CDAF113 Renault Scenic Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1484 EN61JZO Mazda 6 Takuya                      Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1503 CA409YM Volkswagen Passat   Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1508 BR69ONY Citroen Xsara Picasso  Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1547 CP625JD Toyota Yaris Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1553 ER454BC Opel Corsa Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1559 DEZ7586 Volkswagen Jetta Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1514 HJ11YSA Audi A1 Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1522 868HTL Toyota Prius Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1531 MW57GCO Mercedes Benz


10/06/2015 MF42/09/1560 DA218YR Fiat Auto Spa                     Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1565 DE726GL BMW X3                     Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1535 CX195DH Peugeot 206 Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1552 6TEU829 Honda S2000                     Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1554 EP171KA Smart Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1572 DW414XR Fiat Punto Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1569 KH04XXM Ford Focus                     Rejected
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1574 EC704VM Peugeot 3008                    Approved
10/06/2015 MF42/09/1576 1MEE569 Honda PCX                    Approved


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