Transfer of Residence Exemption Board Decisions

Applications are submitted for an exemption from the motor vehicle registration tax under Article 19 of the Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Cap. 368) and Regulation 4 of the Exemption from Motor Vehicles Registration Tax Rules (SL 368.01). Decisions are published in accordance with SL 368.01.

DateReference No.No. PlateVehicle Type

Board Decisions

17/03/2016MF 42/09/1783BW 576 HZBMW 320DRejected
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1832EV 54 ROBPorsche CayenneRejected

MF 42/09/1835 

DC 872 GAAudi A4Rejected
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1611EB 014 G7Dacia SanderoApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1750PK 59 YZLNissan PixoApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1752R 782 UGCVolvo V70T5Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/175811CCCMercedes SL 500Approved
 17/03/2016MF 42/09/1547ACP 625JDToyota YarisApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/16870985HKKHarley DavidsonApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1788AZ302DZAlfa RomeoApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1775GV62RLOLand rover EvoqueApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1768E 056ZPUFord FiestaApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1792MF 58 WCZFord FiestaApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1722V 963MGKPorsche 911Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1767CJ 883 CAMini OneApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1813ET 406 RAVW PoloApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1844EG 374 FKFiat 500Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1837GC 0323 BWVespaApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1826BJ 617 GMOpel AstraApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1824 CA 3279KKAudi A3Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1821YL 03LKFVolvo XC70Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1819 GXF 1330BMW X5Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1791DV615JDCitroen C3Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1795DW 271 NZMini ClubmanApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1759AE76163Honda MF 04Approved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1814EC112YJMercedes E-classApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/18171505GCKSkoda OctaviaApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1818NEZ 8938Vauxhall CorsaApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1809 BN131TVW SharanApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/18108845HCPCitroen Xsara PicassoApproved
17/03/2016 MF 42/09/1811FX07KSOHonda CivicApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1801YC59OADMini CooperApproved
17/03/2016MF 42/09/1806EL823YRBMW 318DApproved


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