Transfer of Residence Exemption Board Decisions

Applications are submitted for an exemption from the motor vehicle registration tax under Article 19 of the Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Cap. 368) and Regulation 4 of the Exemption from Motor Vehicles Registration Tax Rules (SL 368.01). Decisions are published in accordance with SL 368.01.

Date Reference No No Plate Vehicle Type

Transfer of Residence Exemption

Board Decisions

27/05/2021 42/09/3112 HT16YFZ BMW 235i Approved
27/05/2021 42/09/3157 BW11SVV Audi A7 Rejected
27/05/2021 42/09/3163 CV725VP Fiat Lancia Approved
27/05/2021 42/09/3166 MYU077 Volvo S60 Approved
27/05/2021 42/09/3170 WB12LFC Mev Sonic 7 Rejected
27/05/2021 42/09/3172 DN885DV Fiat 500 Approved


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