Transfer of Residence Exemption Board Decisions

Applications are submitted for an exemption from the motor vehicle registration tax under Article 19 of the Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Cap. 368) and Regulation 4 of the Exemption from Motor Vehicles Registration Tax Rules (SL 368.01). Decisions are published in accordance with SL 368.01.

Date Reference No No Plate Vehicle Type

Transfer of Residence Exemption

Board Decisions

29/04/2019 42/09/2561 CT900ZM Volkswagen Polo Approved
29/04/2019 42/09/2749 FC098ZB Fiat Panda Lounge 1.2 Approved
29/04/2019 42/09/2844 EW441JT Catheram 7 Approved
29/04/2019 42/09/2849 KY07YKT Citroen C4 Hatchback Rejected
29/04/2019 42/09/2854 3292-JMX Yamaha XP500 Rejected


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