Chapter 527 of the Laws of Malta – Protection of the Whistleblower Act

The Whistleblower Act came into force on Monday 16th September 2013.
Government is committed to strengthen the fight towards good governance, and the Whistleblowers Act is an important pillar for a better and fairer society.
A Government official has been appointed from the level of Assistant Director or above within every Government Ministry to serve as a Whistleblowing Officer detailed to receive reports.  Furthermore,  another high ranking Civil Servant from within the Cabinet Office at the Auberge of Castille has been entrusted with the responsibility of serving as External Whistleblowing Officer who will receive all the reports according to the law.
A whistleblower should file a report ‘in good faith’, and he/she would be protected from any disciplinary actions against him/her.  The Whistleblowing can be exercised on facts which happened both before and after the law entered into force. This legislation will give full protection to all those who are honest, and guarantees safety and reassurance against any retribution.  At the same time it also serves as an incentive to all those who did any wrongdoing to reveal their actions. The Internal Procedures for receiving and dealing with disclosures may be downloaded from here.
Contact Person:-
Whistleblowing Officer
Ministry for Finance,
Maison Demandols,
South Street,
Tel: 2599 8456